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Vets4Pets Support Office – Learning about how we put pets first!

Fiona Galletly photo.jpg
by Fiona Galletly, People Operations Manager, Vets4Pets

I thought I would share a little with you all about my fabulous experience, recently visiting the Vets4Pets Support Office in my new role as People Operations Manager for Vets4Pets in Edinburgh.

Travelling for the first time from Scotland to Swindon, I was a little nervous about meeting a whole new team of people who knew only a little about me, in a place I had never been.  

In fact, I needn’t have been nervous at all. So, I thought I could share my experience with you about what I learned and why Vets4Pets is a great place to work.

I learned the Vets4Pets Support Office team are lovely people who embody our Group’s mission, to put pets first.

I was fortunate to meet a number of individuals from different groups, including the People team, the IT team, our lovely front of house team and our payroll team.

What I found was a really purposeful group of people who truly love what they do. 

I also learnt about so many lovely pets, ranging from little puppies to bigger dogs who I could see out on short walks (during breaks) and comfortably tucked under desks (little desk dens!), chilling-out in the air conditioned, spacious and modern office.

Who I met was a non-bureaucratic bunch of fun-loving individuals who celebrate creativity, ideas and who love to share their knowledge and expertise.

For example, I was invited to attend a People team presentation with our People Director Gordon Dunn, our Learning and Development expert Alexia, and our People Assistant Liz. Liz helped process my own contract and ensured I got paid within my first few weeks of joining. This meant Liz was someone I could quickly identify as a helpful colleague who had ensured my experience of joining was simply a smooth and easy transition into my new job.

The presentation was all about the People team brand. For those of you not in the know, our People team are also traditionally termed ‘Human Resources’ in other industries. Personally, I have never liked the term HR as it implies people are little more than a ‘resource’ like a mineral to be mined, or something to be exploited, which is really not at all what the People team at Vets4Pets are about. 

I learned that our People team have a clear understanding of what we do and why we do it. We are a fun, trusted, knowledgeable team who focus on delivering solutions to help our workforce, i.e. our employees and partners, ranging from Veterinary Surgeons to our Client Care Advisors, to do what they do best — care for pets.

The presentation was unique and engaging, and it included pictures, cute little doggie post it notes, a flip chart sheet, which Alexia’s children had beautifully illustrated for us, and ‘Lovebug’ cakes that Liz and Alexia kindly supplied. I even learned a little Latin – ‘Quis Some’, which means ‘who we are’. The People team worked on this branding project to help share information about our People team and our shared values, which describe who we are and what we do.

I left the presentation feeling energised and enthusiastic about the team I am working with, and my new job.

I think this nicely sums up my experiences during the past few days, which I would describe as energising, exciting, and finally, I would add, empowering.

So if you are new to Vets4Pets or thinking about joining our team, I wanted to share with you some advice — don’t be nervous, don’t be hesitant, and do reach out to our People team who will help you to achieve your true potential as a professional. 

If you are able to visit our Support Office, in my experience, you will leave with a renewed sense of energy, enthusiasm and empowerment. This helps you to focus on what you do best, which is to help pet owners and most importantly, to put pets first.