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A Greek vet has become the first to complete a new International Vet Programme in the UK.

The programme was launched last year by Vets4Pets and currently has vets of five different nationalities training within the group’s practices.

Odysseus (Edy) Patouchas is the first vet to complete the programme. He moved to the UK from Italy, after graduating from the University of Bari in 2016.

Edy completed six months of training at the Swansea Vets4Pets practice, where he has now been offered a permanent position as part of the team.

“We were thrilled to be able to offer Edy a place at our practice, to learn, develop and experience what it’s like to work within a UK vet practice,” said Liz Blackwell, vet and owner at Vets4Pets Swansea.

“He fitted into our team immediately, as he’s so down to earth and has a great sense of humour, making him really easy to work with.

“Getting on so well meant we were the perfect match when working alongside one another; interacting with clients, conducting consults and carrying out surgery.

“Edy quickly made strong progress and he had an incredible desire to constantly learn and improve. He went above the call of duty, even coming in on his time off to observe and study the different procedures. 

“I was delighted with his performance throughout the programme and all of our clients loved him.

“In fact, he was such a great addition and brought such value to the team, that after he completed his six months on the programme, we offered him a full-time position at our practice.”

The Vets4Pets International Vet Programme is available to vets who have qualified outside the UK and is designed to run between 3-12 months, depending on the vet’s individual needs and skillset.

It also offers additional support such as English language courses and CPD opportunities, if required by the enrolled vet.

“The programme was the perfect chance for me to improve my clinical skills, build my knowledge and experience a busy UK practice first-hand, so I jumped at the chance to enrol,” said Edy.

“Liz was an amazing mentor from the very start, making me feel comfortable and integrating me into the team straight away. The team are so lovely, that it was easy to get on with all of them.

“The programme is very hands-on, which I loved. Having never worked in a practice before it was so interesting to learn all the various aspects that goes into dealing with and caring for all the different kinds of clients.

“I was always keen to discover new skills and I learnt so much throughout the six months I was on the programme.

“The support and guidance I received was brilliant, and the programme went above and beyond my expectations.

“I’m so grateful to Liz and the team for making me a more confident and well-established vet and making me a permanent member of the team. I can’t wait for my future at Vets4Pets Swansea.”

The International Vet Programme is exclusive to Vets4Pets and the vets will work within one of the group’s 450 practices across the UK.

“Our programme is a gateway for international vets to help them become more confident and assured,” said Dr Catriona Curtis MRCVS, Veterinary Talent Manager, at Vets4Pets. 

“As a group, we want to support the continued development of vets globally and, we are in a fortunate position where we can offer this through opportunities like the International programme.

“Edy is a great example of everything we are aiming for with the programme. We loved being a part of the journey with Edy and Liz, and really look forward to seeing where Edy’s career goes in the future.”

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