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Free Veterinary CPD Webinars

Brought to you by Vets4Pets, Anderson Moores, Dick White Referrals and Northwest Veterinary Specialists 

The Vet Group Specialist Division have come together to offer you the very best in clinical and business CPD. Not only is our CPD free, it's also online and starts at 8pm - meaning you can top up your CPD from the comfort of your own sofa.

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Our next webinars are:

26th April 

Septic peritonitis

Alison Moores

The webinar will provide the information you need to manage septic peritonitis in an emergency setting. It will include: recognising the patient with an abdominal emergency; stabilisation including fluid therapy for hypovolaemia; diagnostic tests; how to explore the abdomen to look for different causes of peritonitis; how to decide if an intestinal incision is viable; how to repeat intestinal surgery in the face of peritonitis; surgical tips for intestinal surgery; how to surgically manage more complicated causes of peritonitis e.g. omentalisation of abscesses; abdominal lavage; abdominal closure and the use of drain; peri- and post-operative medications including antibiotic and analgesic choices; post-operative care; post-operative complications including recurrence of septic peritonitis and ileus.

24th May

Cardio-pulmonary and cerebral resuscitation

Eva Rioja 

It will be an update on the new guidelines on CPCR based on the RECOVER study. It will cover both basic and advance resuscitation techniques and recommendations based on the available evidence.

21st June 

Musculoskeletal First Aid

Andy Moores

Make sure your trauma patients are managed in the best possible way with this overview of how to approach the patient with musculoskeletal

19th July 

Effusions, Torsions, Ruptures- Imaging of the emergency patient

Petra Agthe

The webinar will focus on radiography and ultrasonography of emergency patients, but also briefly cover indications for CT and MRI examinations. It will offer information on choosing the best imaging modalities for a given presentation, common pitfalls and provide some case examples. 

16th August 


Amanda Paul

Pancreatitis can have variable severity and the course of the disease can be unpredictable which creates challenges in treatment. Further, it is often (mis)diagnosed with the finding of abdominal pain in the dog. Diagnostic tests have been developed to assist diagnosis of pancreatitis, however their sensitivity and specificity means that diagnosis still remains challenging. 
In contrast to classic acute pancreatitis in dogs, feline pancreatitis can be more difficult to diagnose, and it requires a combination of clinical suspicion, appropriate physical examination findings, elevations in clinical diagnostic tests and changes on abdominal ultrasonography consistent with pancreatic disease. Like the disease in dogs, treatment remains symptomatic and supportive as a specific cause is rarely identified.

11th October

Immune mediated haemolytic anaemia (IMHA) and immune mediated thrombocytopenia (IMTP) in dogs 

Kevin Murtagh

This webinar will go through presentation, diagnosis, treatment and outcome and immune mediated thrombocytopenia.

8th November

Neutering dogs and cats – facts and fallacies

Davina Anderson

This webinar will look at the indications and pros and cons of neutering healthy dogs and cats in veterinary practice. We will also cover complications of neutering and what issues need to be considered to put together a practice policy that is based on published data and is current best practice.

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A few days after you attend the live webinar (minimum of 1 hour) you will receive a personalised CPD certificate via email. If the speaker is happy for the webinar to be recorded this will also include a link to the recording of the webinar to re-watch at your convenience and refer to when needed. 

Unfortunately, we cannot issue CPD certificates if you did not attend the live webinar. 

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